Kat’cina Mosa Race Details


Start: 3AM

Early Start: 1:00AM

This for those of you who know will need the extra time, Please honor this…it is not for those of you who want to start early so you don’t have to contend with possible heat that day! Chart with all the details9 Full Aid and 1 water stop and 1 Spring , varying from about 3 to 8 miles apart. Several of our aid station people will be there from The Squaw Peak Event. Water, fluid replacement, fruit, candy, pretzels, cookies, sandwiches, crackers, chips, potatoes, salt, etc. Medical at start / finish, Limited medical at aid station’s. Drop bags (check in by 2:30 am AT START) and pacers allowed. Crew access to most of the course. No access from Big Springs up to Windy Pass and then from there down to Little Valley except by hiking or running. No drop bags at AS #5. Crew access only at mile 2.1(WS#1), Mile 16.3 (AS#3), Mile 23.1 (AS#4), Mile 37.35 (AS#6), Mile 43.4 (AS#7) and Mile 56.3 (WS#2) and down road to finish Chart with all the details