Bigfoot Marathon


START: 8:00 AM

COURSE: Start and finish at the Visitor’s Center. Loop will run in a counter-clockwise direction.

DETAILS: The marathon course will consist of a series of loops using a 10K golf course loop (red loop on map) and a 5K mountain loop (blue loop on map) in the following order…
golf, mtn, golf, mtn, golf, and then 2K at the end.
Each Golf course loop has about 880 feet of climb and loss and the 5K Mountain loop has about 1100 feet of climb and loss

AID STATIONS: 5K event Aid stations; there will be one at about the 2 mile mark. 50K & 26.2 event will use this same aid station and pass through it again at about mile 5 on the 10K course. the 5K mtn loop will just have the aid at the start/finish area which will also be used for all loops on the 50K Marathon course.

CUT-OFF TIME: 7 1/2 hours

DROP BAGS: There will be a tented area outside the visitor center that you will be able to retrieve your drop bags from after each loop.

Marathon Course Map



Marathon 3D Course Map